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Education & Training

3D virtual training environments can be particularly effective for delivering training to clients with complex needs such as autism who find it difficult to engage with standard services.  Using an avatar, they can remotely attend training sessions, learn to interact with other trainees and even engage with potential employers,

Active learning and personalised outcomes

  • personalise curriculum to suit your learners' needs and interests
  • learner choice in who they learn with and from
  • learning can be done independently or 'live' with others in real time

Better engagement and retention

  • The level of anonymity provided by the virtual environment gives learners a sense of safety
  • learners control and are responsible for their 3D character
  • everyone can see what they and others do in a 3D context

Flexible and adaptable

  • users can choose how they communicate depending on ability or preference - voice, text chat, visually
  • selection of collaboration tools allows for choice in how learners work with each other
  • accessible from anywhere that has WIFI / Internet or local hub.  Login from home, community location or designated learning centre

Deliver online services

  • With a sense of community connectedness
  • With a shared sense of presence
  • To clients who cannot access traditional settings
  • To clients who require follow-up but no longer need to attend traditional settings

Implement organisational innovation:

  • Overcome geographical barriers to team building
  • Hold meetings and critical events
  • Stimulate collaboration and innovation

Connect with your community:

  • Deliver memorable and visual online events
  • Co-design services with your customers
  • Save on the cost of hosting traditional events and conferences

Agile immersive collaboration and BIM

A virtual workspace’s immersive environment can give you:

  • Instant live audio and video
  • Every collaboration tool known to man
  • The ability to rapidly create locations that are contextually accurate, cost effective and highly impactful

Use your virtual workspace to:

  • Create distributed training/learning
  • Deliver client services
  • Help global and agile teams
  • Hold meetings and critical events
  • Achieve distributed brainstorming
  • Deliver on creative efforts and product design
  • Accommodate shrinking travel budgets without compromising quality

Your 3DNovations will quickly become the place where your employees, partners and customers want to meet, work and co-create. All of our 3D platforms are suitable for business use.